Spring is Here!

I am so grateful for the beautiful spring weather!!  Everything seems to be so full of life with the coming of spring!  This winter and spring have been full of lots of fun, such as:

Celebrating Aria’s first birthday with friends,

Spending many special moments with friends,

Lots of fun playing in the snow,

And then enjoying beautiful spring weather,

Seeing God work in amazing ways through the Greenhouse Project,

Celebrating Easter at church and with English class kids,

Engaging in a new work of helping to get kids who are not in school ready to be enrolled in school,

Seeing God work through Theological Education, including a fun trip to Budapest for a TE conference,

And waiting with eager anticipation for the Prishtina Ministry Center to be completed.

We continue to be so grateful to be part of how God is working in Kosovo.  He is good!

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